Seven Emu Station Bush Teas And Medicine



Dumbuyumbu in our family is an essential must have in our homes.

It was used by our Grandparents, and we grew up using and sharing the knowledge with our children.

Dumbuyumbu is the most widely used in and around our community of Borroloola and surrounding out stations.

Dumbuyumbu Paste

  • Good for all skin problems
  • Sunburn and prevents sunburn
  • Open Sores
  • Swellings
  • Aches and pain

Dumbuyumbu Leaves

  • Dumbuyumbu leaves boiled in water can be used as a short or long term drink for medicinal use or as an everyday drink hot or cold
  • We also boil the leaves in water and bath in it
  • It kills the scabies mite and prevents scaring from open sores
  • We wash sore eyes
  • Gargle as a mouth wash for ulcers, tooth ache and sore throat



Kulbanyi is a bush remedy that was passed on for generations and we teach our children the importance of using the natural organic bush medicines and bush food.

Kulbanyi is introduced to our children at an early age, we sit around telling stories and drinking Kulbanyi tea.

Kulbanyi Paste

  • We make a rub on paste for coughs and colds
  • Good to rub on sore joints

Kulbanyi Leaves

  • Kulbanyi leaves boiled in water can be used as a drink for flus, colds and sore throat. Also for everyday drink hot or cold



Binjirri is a favourite in our family, it grows in the river systems and is a happy reminder of our childhood swimming and playing in the creeks among the Binjirri trees.

The aroma from the leaves and the flowers are refreshing and gives a feeling of being free and happy in the bush in days gone by. We try to give our children and grand children the same upbringing and knowledge that we grew up experiencing.

Binjirri Paste

  • Binjirri is used a a rub on cream for sores, aches and pain
  • Normal moisturiser for skin

Binjirri Leaves

    • Binjirri leaves are also used as a herb in ground oven cooking



Kalabirr is a river gum which we use for bathing in for colds and flus because it has a eucalyptus aroma which is very refreshing.

Kalabirr Paste

  • We make a rub on paste for flus, coughs and colds

Kalabirr Leaves

  • Kalabirr leaves are placed in ground oven cooking on hot coals as a base for the meat which the leaves infuse and gives a nice taste